Property Owner’s Insurance renewal – revised letter

Good afternoon Marie & Willow

I am afraid there was an error in the letter dated 24th June I posted and emailed to you regarding the renewal of the Property Owner’s insurance premium 

The details about the insurance premium and renewal were correct: on the second page the amount showing for the rent was incorrect (it did not take account of the rent increase in November 2021. 

The correct details are as follows (my corrections have been bolded):

The 2022/23 monthly payment (payable from July) is, therefore, calculated as follows: 


                   Annual Rent*1                   £ 15,665.28    

          Plus    Insurance Premium         +  £ 1,382.29               

                   Total Annual Payment        £ 17,047.57  

                   Monthly Payment               £ 1,420.63    


          *1   this is subject to annual review: the next on 1st November 2022 

My apologies for this – a revised letter (dated 26th June) is attached, and a copy will be posted First Class Signed For to you tomorrow.

Penny Hart

Clerk to Otterford Parish Council